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Destination Dispatch-System



A key feature of Schindler elevators is PORT Technology, which advances the destination dispatch system revolutionizing the science of efficiently managing the passenger traffic flow through a building while granting personalized service and access control to passengers. .



The highly functional PORT Technology has dramatically changed the traditional destination -dispatch system across elevators, with constantly evolving modern features and amenities. Schindler’s Port Technology resolves all issues related to-

- long waiting times for elevators with crowded or chaotic elevator lobbies
-lack of security access for elevators intended for specific passenger groups and passengers with special needs
-highly confusing lobby layouts with elevators in same bank with stops at different floors.



Efficiency: Port Technology allows the grouping of passengers with similar destinations resulting in reducing the number of elevator stops and the time to destination. It also has ECO (Energy Control Option) features which minimize energy usage and enhance energy efficiency by allocating more people to an elevator cab, which reduces the no. of elevators required and also reduces waiting times.

Passenger Experience :Schindler’s Port Technology is an exemplary modern solution designed to provide passengers with personalized experience emphasizing security, comfort and convenience at every level, right through the journey of entering a building till reaching their desired floors.

Security : PORT Technology’s security concept is based on the idea, at the heart of which lies a clear communication to the customers that entry onto a desired floor requires identification. This makes security and access control features a critical element in the security startegy of the entire building.