About Us

Mission Vision


Our Vision

Our vision is to actively contribute to the sustainable national urban infrastructure development in Bangladesh and advance urban lives by introducing innovative technology across diverse industrial sectors.

We aim to contribute global standards of sustainable, safe, and durable cutting-edge technology products and services, to the national urban framework of Bangladesh, through skilled expertise and strong communities of global networking and business partnerships.

Our mission

Our mission is to become the finest engineering firm in Bangladesh providing trusted & reliable, advanced technology products and services.

We foster strong business associations with global technology giants, conduct extensive professional training programs for our skilled engineers and technicians and heavily invest in research and development to provide unparalleled quality products and services that are 100% compliant with global safety performance standards and eco-friendly practices.


Our values


Safety is our core fundamental value and we place the highest priority on the performance and reliability of all our products and services for our customers. We conduct rigorous training sessions for our employees and conduct strict global testing standards to ensure 100% compliance with all safety measures.

Integrity & Honesty

CEL prides itself on its work ethos which strictly adheres to transparent work practices and zero tolerance for bribery. Our work philosophy is upheld by every employee across the hierarchy, enabling us to meet our company goals and objectives with utmost fairness and integrity.

Performance & Accountablity

We are committed to providing our customers with world-class quality engineering solutions. Our products are global standard technologies and our skilled experts are trained, certified professionals providing exceptional value to our customers in terms of sophisticated products & services.

Teamwork & Partnerships

We believe in fostering global business partnerships and developing skilled communities, to be at the forefront of bringing the most modern, and reliable engineering solutions to the country. Our collaborations centers around mutual respect, trust, and responsibility with our vendors, partners, customers & co-workers.

Passion for

We are dedicated to achieving excellence in contributing innovative superior-quality technologies necessary for the development of modern societies and urban growth. We are committed to ensuring safety and reliability by combining extensive research & development with global standard testing measures for our products & services.