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Schindler offers expertly crafted modernization solutions to enhance the reliability, safety, performance, and energy efficiency of elevators. The services range from upgrading individual components to complete replacements, tailored to meet the specific condition and needs of the equipment.


Why is it needed

Capacity shortages, long waiting times, high energy consumption and new regulations may affect existing elevators. As an elevator system ages, its maintenance and operating costs increase over time and it may no longer be performing well enough to deliver service on par with new buildings in the vicinity. Nowadays, tenants expect more than just safe mobility, they also aspire for modernity and best-in-class performance.



Schindler's modernization solutions aim to improve a building's elevator performance and achieve significant energy savings. Updating elevators is essential and provides numerous advantages:

- Enhanced elevator efficiency with superior ride experience, comfort and reliability

- Tangible energy savings through innovative solutions and eco-friendly/green features to improve efficiency, and reduce carbo footprint and electricity costs.

- The PORT Technology, Schindler’s third and latest generation of such system, reduces waiting time, manages passenger traffic, offers security & personalized features to provide first-class contemporary passenger experience.