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Annual Town Hall Meeting

  • Jan 09, 2023
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Annual Townhall Meeting, followed by Performance Appreciation- was an event to remember! On this memorable occasion, we were delighted to have the esteemed presence of the President of Schindler India Pvt. Ltd. and the Managing Director of Creative Engineers Ltd. as our special guests. This event was a platform for our employees at all levels to interact with our leaders, where top management of Creative Engineers Ltd. spoke about our business statistics, priorities, future plans and initiatives; and celebrated individual and team achievements of the previous year! We have also set our motto for 2023 as “SPEED 2023”, where - S - Sustain Safety and Quality P- Focus on Individual Performance E- Improve Efficiency E- Empower People D- Continuous Development Together, we are all committed to maintaining our continuous advancements while delivering the finest client satisfaction.