With the Schindler 1000 elevating is made simple. Easy to choose, easy to plan, and easy to use, the Schindler 1000 is safe, secure, stylish, and strong. Designed to serve low-rise office, educational and residential buildings, comfortably, quietly, efficiently, and with style.

  • Standardized components and pre-engineered solutions ensure superior quality and reliable performance.
  • Gearless drive system with Suspension Traction Media (STM) ensures smooth, efficient, and reliable operation
  • Innovative regenerative drive technology reduces travel energy by up to 30% compared to conventional technology.
  • Schindler elevator features, regenerative drives, LED lighting, and standby mode while parked have the highest energy-efficiency rating class A (ISO 25745-2*).


Machine-room-less design

All main components sit in the shaft, saving construction costs and giving architects more space to work with. Schindler 1000 allows a larger car to be fitted into a standard shaft space..

Selection of door size

Select your preferred door size based on your choice of car size

Smaller motor and traction sheave

ASuspension Traction Media (STM) saves shaft space and energy by using a smaller motor and sheave.

Built-in inspection and test panel

The inspection and test panel is built directly into a standard door frame. This solution simplifies elevator installation, provides easy access for maintenance, and saves space.


Capacity : 400 - 1000 kg
Travel height : Up to 12 m
Stops : Max 5 stops
Speed : 1.0 m/s
Drive System : Machine room-less, eco-friendly regenerative drive technology, frequency controlled
Group size : Up to 2 cars
Entrances : Single or through entry car
Interior : 2 interior design lines, fresh wall colors and wide range of accessories

Efficient and Sustainable Mobility

Environmentally sound

  • Regenerative drives, LED lighting, and standby mode while parked are standard eco-friendly features in all Schindler 1000 elevators, helping it to achieve the highest energy-efficiency rating class A according to ISO 25745-2*

Application Range

Schindler combines over a century of experience with innovative technologies to keep today’s and tomorrow’s cities moving



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Plan & Design

Through innovation and technological leadership, Schindler develops high-quality mobility solutions and creates smart and sustainable spaces for urban living.

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