As high-tech as possible. But no more than necessary Robust technology, highly developed modules, high-quality materials and practical protection features make the elevator a durable, high-quality asset.

  • Equipped with great load-bearing capacity to solve complex transport tasks flexibly, durably, and cost-effectively.
  • Latest technology with modular construction opted with electromechanical/electro-hydraulic drive as needed ensures all-time availability.
  • Predefined components and mandatory data shorten delivery times and enable efficient planning, for a single system or a group of up to four elevators.
  • Traction elevator system can be electro-mechanically driven with loads of up to 4 tons without machine room, saving space and transport efficiency in high-traffic complexes.
  • Hydraulic elevator system can be electro-hydraulically driven with loads of upto 6.3 tons, providing an extraordinary economic solution for low rise buildings up to 18m.


We focus on efficiency

The Schindler 2600 is a fully engineered, smart system. It is robust enough to transport heavy goods yet uses the minimum energy to do so. All parts are perfectly adjusted to each other. From drives to controls, to doors, and to cabins–each and every component contributes to this elevator’s efficiency.

We assess our elevators

How do you know that this elevator is energy efficient? We measure it. Ratings run by independent third parties show the Schindler 2600 can provide an energy efficiency classification in the“green” range. It is always good to rely on facts.

Less Space Required

By reducing the number of hoistways, double-deck elevators increase the rentable space in your building and its investment potential.

Efficiency and ecology

Architecturally – and environmentally-friendly

Full design freedom

Maximum creativity to achieve the ambiance that best suits your building


Load capacity : 1000–6300kg,13–84 persons
Travel height : 65 meters; max.21stops
Entrance : One-sided or two-sided access
Door width : 900–3200mm
Door height : 2000–2500mm
Drive : Roped or hydraulic
Speed : 0.15 to1.6 meters per second
Control : Collective control for groups upto 4; registered-destination control
Equipment : Flexible range of equipment

Efficient and Sustainable Mobility

The global elevator giant, Schindler, designs its products and services, aiming to deliver energy-efficient and eco-friendly features, options and technology to architects, contractors, building owners across all modern buildings and establishments.

As a leading designer, manufacturer, and supplier of elevators, escalators, and moving walks, Schindler Elevator Corporation is committed to supporting sustainable urban development with technology that minimizes the adverse impact on the environment for present and future generations to come.

  • The global elevator giant supports sustainability across all its practices, products, and services through the latest green technology and green initiatives, dedicated to minimizing the carbon footprint.
  • Schindler has the LEED Gold Certification for its Hanover, PA Manufacturing Facility.
  • Schindler holds the ISO Certification 14001:2008 for environmental management system standards.
  • Through technological leadership, the company prioritizes Local material sourcing and "hub" distribution to reduce energy and transport emissions
  • Schindler’s PORT Technology is a prime example of their continued commitment to improving mobility while preserving resources.

application range

Schindler combines over a century of experience with innovative technologies to keep today’s and tomorrow’s cities moving


Plan & Design

Through innovation and technological leadership, Schindler develops high-quality mobility solutions and creates smart and sustainable spaces for urban living.

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