Safe and efficient

  • Active safety protection device to protect passengers from unintended car slipping.
  • Protection device in locking zone to prevent accidental falls by forced door opening.

Reliable Components

  • Stable delivery ensured by strong car and car frame structure
  • Protection of machinery surface by electrophoresis process to extend machinery lifetime.


Efficient permanent magnet synchronous machine

-Powerful drive, provide safe and optimum ride
-High precision, mechanical deformation is minimized
-Low-temperature rise, reliable for long operating hours
-Quiet operation

Intelligent door system

-Self-learning, to smooth the curves for door opening and closing
-Modular design, less spare parts
-Easy commissioning via a compact control panel
-Terminals are available, and provide a flexible interface to various devices


Load Capacity : 2000kg - 6000kg
Speed : 0.5m/s , 0.63m/s, 0.75m/s, and 1.0m/s
Max Height : 60m

Efficient and Sustainable Mobility

The global elevator giant, Schindler, designs its products and services, aiming to deliver energy-efficient and eco-friendly features, options and technology to architects, contractors, building owners across all modern buildings and establishments.

As a leading designer, manufacturer, and supplier of elevators, escalators, and moving walks, Schindler Elevator Corporation is committed to supporting sustainable urban development with technology that minimizes the adverse impact on the environment for present and future generations to come.

  • The global elevator giant supports sustainability across all its practices, products, and services through the latest green technology and green initiatives, dedicated to minimizing the carbon footprint.
  • Schindler has the LEED Gold Certification for its Hanover, PA Manufacturing Facility.
  • Schindler holds the ISO Certification 14001:2008 for environmental management system standards.
  • Through technological leadership, the company prioritizes Local material sourcing and "hub" distribution to reduce energy and transport emissions
  • Schindler’s PORT Technology is a prime example of their continued commitment to improving mobility while preserving resources.

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Schindler combines over a century of experience with innovative technologies to keep today’s and tomorrow’s cities moving






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Through innovation and technological leadership, Schindler develops high-quality mobility solutions and creates smart and sustainable spaces for urban living.

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